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The method of worship of Lakshmi Narayan

In the Hindu religion, idol worship has been given special significance. In the form of idol worship, meditating on the nature of God, they are falsely interviewed and express your allegiance and respect towards idol worship. Today, we are going to give you information about Puja of Lord Shri Lakshmi Narayana. The de

Accurate measure of honor and achievement in society

Getting an education in human society and earning money is not everything. Man is a social creature and he has to live in the midst of this society. Therefore, it is also the desire of all people to receive respect from this society. But this is not possible for everyone.


Method of worship of Lord Shani

In the Hindu religion, Shani Dev is known as the God who gives the fruits of your deeds. Saturn is the only God who cultivates the person according to his deeds and also punishes him. It is decided according to the deeds of the person, what kind of deeds he has done. If the person is punished in different ways in ord

The right way to give water to the sun

In the Hindu religion, the tradition of worshiping the sun deity comes from the Vedic period. Burning of the sun in Sun worship, which is also called the urge to the sun, is most important. The only source of energy on this planet is the sun. Sun is also very important in the creation of this universe. Therefore, the

Do this in Navratri, worship the Goddess Durga! Things to keep in mind in Navratri

Navratri comes four times in a year, from which two occasions come Gupt Navratri, those who want to worship Shakti at the time of Gupta Navaratri, they choose this time. The remaining 2 Navaratri is celebrated as a festival in every house throughout India. Today, we are going to give you information about certain spe

5 benefits to do Shiva Puja

Lord Shiva is the part of Trinity In Indian mythology. He is known to be the destroyer. The destroyer of bad and ill effects and he marks the end of everything that is mortal on this earth. It is believed that he is the unchanging consciousness in each and every human, his consort Parvati is Shakti and the power that