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You can send your prayer and our purohits will perform free Prayers for you.

What we will do on your behalf?

Free puja to the deity

Prayers are beliefs and practices, that seeks to create a bond with god that is omnipotent, by a means of deliberate communication. Prayer can be done privately, with well-wishers and family, and even performed cooperatively with fellow followers.

Prayer becomes that medium through which we connect to the divine or Supreme Being. It creates an accord between deity and the devotee, it involves rhythmic chanting of mantras, strong verses and hymns. Prayers when performed by the common men, is answered directly and indirectly, but when the priests pray with belief and dedication, the deity answers to the prayer directly, in the most spectacular manner. When priest pray, he must take his time and makes it certain to show proper respect.


AARTI PUJAN for the deity

Aarti is an important part of worship of any God or Goddess at the end of Puja. According to mythological texts and Hindu beliefs, it is an important part of worship. During the Aarti many materials are used which have their own special meaning. It is believed that aarti can become virtuous when puja is included in it. Our Purohit ji always perform Aarties after the puja is done.


FREE FOOD OFFERING for girl children (kanya pujan)

Free food offering is also included during the free prayers. Hindu Mythology gives great importance to Kanya Pujan. Hinduism states that God resides in every child but young girls are believed to be a form of Goddess Durga. We can get the Kanya Puja performed for you in which we pray and offer food to girls as young as 3 to 9 years of age.


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The purpose of Free Prayers gives the devotee all kinds of blessings. There are several malefic forces that threaten our peace. These forces can be destroyed with the help of Free Prayers.

Fill your details and send us the prayer that you wish to send to the deity. Our purohits will perform free puja and homam for you and send your prayers through vedic ways to the right destination.

What all you will get.
  1. Good Fortune.
  2. Clear perception.
  3. Gain merit.
  4. Gaining Authority in every level of life.
  5. Fulfillment of desire or siddhis.
  6. Blesses with a powerful family and life.
  7. Wealth and prosperity.
  8. Blessed with spremacy.