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Procedure to perform Lord Vishnu Puja

In the Trinity of Indian Mythology, each God has their place. Like God Brahma is the creator of the world, while Mahesh or Shiv is the destroyer of all mortal beings, Vishnu is the nurturer. From birth till death they are taken care of by Lord Brahma and Shiva, while the life in between is taken care by Lord Vishnu.

Procedure to Perform Lord Ganesh puja

Who is Lord Ganesh? 
Son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the brother of Karthikeya, the slayer of all obstacles and the destroyer of hurdles. One who rides on a mouse, with an elephant face.  He is auspicious and is revered before everything auspicious, and loved by all from

Steps to worship Goddess Durga

The Manifestation and incarnation of Parvati into a fierce form, riding on a ferocious Lion is Goddess Durga. She is called the goddess of just and righteousness. Hence called ‘Dharm ki Devi’, she is the mother of the universe the Shakti of Shiva. She has nine other manifestations that are worshipped duri

How to do Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman is most Dynamic God, he is the epitome of strength, devotion, sacrifice and dedication and the best example for all to never give up in any situation. Of the 11 incarnations of God Shiva, Hanuman is one of them. He is only God with the boon to live till eternity. He is the best example of a friend, and h

To fulfill your deep desire perform the Lord Ganpati Anushthan

This Anushthan is done to fulfill any particular wish or desire. Desire can be anything such as the early marriage of the son or daughter, career growth, the search for a qualified groom or bride, a good job or a job transfer and any other special desire.

Desire is a feeling of

Puja for Success in Exam and competition

In the prevailing competitive environment, today's youth struggles to achieve their passion and career choice. By pursuing a dream job to enter the desired college, every step becomes challenging and depends on the score and rank. Clearing hard entrance and passing various examinations becomes the main reason for