Lord Shani Jayanti – Puja, Rituals, Donation and its Significance

Lord Shani is believed to be the Lord of Saturn. He is considered one of the main deities according to Hindi mythology and is also considered one of the main Navagraha. The birth anniversary of Shani Dev is celebrated as Shani Jayanti. This year, Shani Jayanti is falling on 30th of May 2022. 

It is believed that the inauspicious state of Shani (Saturn) delays conflict, disappointment and success and is therefore considered to be the most feared deity. He is strict in his decision and plays an important role in the development, happiness and long life of a person. For those who have Shani / Shani cycle or Seven and half in the horoscope, performing Shani Puja and homam is considered auspicious. Performing Shani-tel-abhishekem and Shani Shanti Puja helps in reducing the effects of Sade Sati.

Shani is considered to be a slow and highly influential planet which gives fruit only after continuous hard work and discipline.  It is also considered a negative planet but the fact that Shani will bless or curse is entirely based on the deeds of the person in the present and even in the past life. Therefore, it works wonders when placed with positive stars and can be troublesome when placed with negative stars. Under this effect a person has to face many challenges in life but it depends entirely on his inner strength how he overcomes them all.

Shani Dev is able to bestow blessings and blessings to the worthy on the basis of his karma. According to mythology, he is the son of Sun God and Chhaya. According to Hindu texts, the peepal tree is considered to be the abode of Shani Dev.

Karma is controlled: Our karma life is controlled only by Saturn. The tenth house is considered to be the spirit of karma, father and state. The eleventh house is considered the income sense. Therefore, being the representative planet of Karma, Shakti and income, Saturn's position in the horoscope is considered important.

Therefore, the only way to avoid Shani is to keep your karma pure.

Tips to avoid the wrath of Shani Dev:
1.  To perform Lord Shani Puja on best mahurat 
2.  To chant or perform Lord Shani Gayatri Mantra “Om Sanaischaraya vidhmahe Sooryaputraya dhimahi Tanno manda: Prachodyat”
3. Mustard oil abhishekem to lord shani along with diya aarti.
4. To read Hanuman Chalisa
5. Offer milk to dogs 
6. Donate food to poor and needy people. 
7. Feed the crows daily with roti.
8. Serve the blind, servants and scavengers.
9. Sesame, urad, buffalo, iron, oil, black cloth, black cow and shoe should be donated.

If you are running the main dasha of Lord Shani or You are undergoing the dasha period of Saade sati so this shani Jayanti, you can take the blessing of Lord Shani by performing the Shani Jayanti Puja on your behalf and you will get fruitful results. 


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