Perform Special Shivling Puja During Sawan month

This sawan month is especially devoted to Lord Shiva. By worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, all liberation is attained. In the year 2022, the beginning of the Sawan Maas is going to be from July 14 and it will remain till the day of the Raksha Bandhan ie August 11th. Thus, there will be a total of 4 Monday in this Sawan. These are Monday 18 July, 25th July,  01st Aug and 08th Aug respectively. The whole Sawan Month is devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva, but the importance of Shiva Puja increases on the day of Monday and Shivratri, which is coming in the month of Sawan. It is believed that keeping a fast on Monday in the Sawan month gives a desired life partner and at the same time receives special blessings from Lord Shiva.

Shivratri festival is scheduled to be held on 06th August (Friday) in the month of Sawan. On this sacred occasion of Shivratri, the Shivling is being supplied with Ganga water by the Kawad. In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana-Delhi-Rajasthan-Panjab and Uttar Pradesh, devotees reach Haridwar. From there, a few days before Shivratri, he has got to walk towards his own place by filling the Ganges in his castle. On the morning of Shivratri, the Gangajal of this cave is the tradition of offering on Shivling according to the law.

Lord Shiva is worshiped on the occasion of Shivratri. In Lord Shiva worship, the devotees worship in different ways according to their reverence. At the Shivratri festival: There is a tradition of fasting, giving milk to Shivling, offering pilgrimage to Rudrabhishek, offering Ganga water to Shivling, Shiva Kavad, and chanting of special types of chants and meditation. Whatever the worship of God Shiva on Shivratri, whatever is done in it, it is going to provide full fruit, but on this day it is considered as the most special to offer water to Shiva.

Special Shivling Puja on Monday and Shivratri on Savan Month: -

The entire Sawan Month is devoted to Lord Shiva worship. Therefore, in Sawan month one should worship Shivling every day without waiting for any particular day. But if the devotee can not give time each day, due to the absence of time, it is appropriate for him to worship Shivling on the day of Monday Let us know how you can do special Shivling Puja in the Sawan Month:- 

On Monday, you should take a bath in the morning and go to Lord Shiva's temple. You should arrange for the arrangement with you like this: a little honey, milk, curd, ghee, sugars, bilava leaf, rice, roli (Kumkum), moli (red thread), fruit and flowers, water and doup - lamp Contents | With this material, first light the lamp of ghee and ghee and after this, shower the entire Shiva family with water along with Shivling.

After bathing with water, take a bath with milk, after bathing with milk again, take a bath with pure water. Now take a bath with curd, for this you take a little bit of curd in the hand and Shivling along with the entire Shiva family with yogurt and then after that again take a bath with pure water. Now you have to take a bath with ghee (ghee as well as to curd it) and then take a bath with water.

Now you take milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey in 3 to 4 liters of pure water and mix them in small quantity of water and mix the Kumkum in this water. Now this water should be put on the Shivling and making it slowly, with all this water, you should give a shower to Shivling. Do not forget that the water stream does not break in the middle; with this you constantly chant the "Om Namah Shivaya" mantra.

After doing this, you should now present the Shivling with the Shiva family with a garment cloth - for this, you should break the moly (red thread) into small pieces and present it to the entire Shiva family. Now you should tilak everyone from Roli (Kumkum). Meditation, Shivling, you can simultaneously tinkle with the three fingers in the middle of the Kumkum in a straight line; do not make tilak in the vertical line. Now whatever fruits and flowers you have taken according to your wish, now offer them and keep some dakshina too.

Now when you come from the temple, you must give some amount in the donation. You do this according to the method of worshiping Lord Shiva (Sawan Month), and then Lord Shiva gets very pleased and takes away all your sorrows and fulfils your desire. 


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