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Chandal Dosh Nivaran Puja

When we check in astrology if we connection with Jupiter and Rahu in any way in the horoscope, the chandal defect is formed. By coming under the influence of the shadow planet Rahu, the guru also gives inauspicious results. Chandal defect is also considered to be worse than saadhasati, kalsarp defect, and Mangal defe

Bhairav's wondrous locket! Put it in the neck and get rid of all the hardships

At the time of Kalyuga, Baba Bhairav and Hanuman ji are very pleased and complete all the devotion of their devotees. Baba Bhairav is worshiped in both soft and furious forms. On one side, Baba Bhairav destroys the wicked as their ferocious form of Bhairav, whereas on the other hand, Batuk appears to be as gentle as Lord Vishnu. Today, we are go

Why is Krishna so important to Hindus?

Lord Krishna is the supreme power and the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Vishnu is one of the three revered Gods of Hinduism. He is the symbol of divine traits such as kindness, love, and compassion and the same signifies Lord Krishna. In the Hindu epic book of Mahabharata, there is a detailed narrative of Lord

Vedic remedy for winning the lottery! If you want to win the lottery, do this trick once

The lottery has been banned in most states of India. But still, in some states, it is legally recognized. If you also belong to a state where the lottery is not restricted, then you can adopt a remedy given in this post, you can accept your fate. When a person starts to get disturbed by his deteriorating financial co

Fight the negative energy in the house with this way

Two types of energy have an influence in your life all the time. These two types of energy in which one positive energy and the other is negative energy. Both these types of energy show their effect on all living things in different ways. Wherever there is positive energy, there is no negative energy and where there

Simple and effective way of boosting confidence

In the era of today's competition, one person has been able to compete with the other. Do you know that without facing competition, one step can’t move forward in this life too? If you have confidence then you can stay in the competition otherwise you are out of every competition of life. Today, every other