Term and condition for Onlinepuja.com

Term and condition for Onlinepuja.com

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How It Works ?

Pujas are the process of worshiping God with pure mind and heart. Pujas are done for seeking blessings of various Gods and Goddesses. Pujas are also performed for various purposes such as to gain good health, obtaining peace and harmony, gaining material abundance and spiritual prosperity.

Onlinepuja provides online Puja services that are performed for the clients living in all parts of the world. What happens after you place an order with us for the Puja? Simple steps that are explained below will give you a clear picture.

1. Ordering

As soon as you order the Puja, you receive an Order Confirmation Mail from us on your registered email address.

2.  Payment: - Payments are securely processed by Paypal and CCAvenue you choose.

3. Confidentiality: - Your information is kept private and confidential. At no stage will any of your personal details or date be disclosed to any third party.

4. Puja Performed - On the date selected by you for performing your Puja, a qualified priest will perform the Puja for you as per the Vedic rituals. The Puja includes the cost of Puja Samigri required to perform the ritual. Please note this is an Individual Puja (You can also include the names of your near and dear ones in the Puja).

5. Videos/Images - Once the Puja has been performed, you will receive a video or Photo link on your registered email address. This video or Photo shows the Priest performing your Puja.

6. Privacy Policy: - We take your personal privacy very seriously. None of your personal information will ever be shared with any company or person. Your information will never be given, shared, sold or bartered to anyone under any circumstance. 

7. Customer Support - In case, you still are not convinced about how we do your Puja, please contact us at info@onlinepuja.com. We will respond to your mail immediately. For us, your satisfaction is more important than anything else. 

8. Disclaimer: - The content of our website is for your general information and use only. It may be subjected to change without prior notice. Unauthorized use of the website may give rise to claim for damage and/or a criminal offence.

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