Rudraksha is very dear to Lord Shiva. Which are the seeds of a special type of fruit found in the Terai region of the Himalayas and Nepal. Rudraksha is the only fruit in the boon given by nature. According to mythological belief, it is related to Lord Shiva. According to the Shiv Purana, when Lord Shiva, who had been engrossed in many years of penance, suddenly opened his eyes for some reason. So a few drops of tears from his eyes fell on the mountain, from these drops Rudraksh trees were born. By which religion, work, and salvation are all attained. It is believed that whoever wears Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva.

Rudraksha can be worn by anyone irrespective of gender, cultural, ethnic, geographical or religious background. They are intended for individuals at any stage in life, regardless of mental and physical status. It can be worn by children, students, elderly and sick for multiple benefits.

Benefits of a Wearing Rudraksha
● Rudraksha acts as a protective shield for the body.
● Helps in controlling stress and controlling blood pressure.
● Radiates special energy which has a positive effect on the body, mind and soul.
● Reduces negative karma.
● Removes the effects of harmful planets.
● Brings peace and harmony.