We are conducting Free Lord Kaal Bhairav Group Puja and Homam on 16.11.2022 (Wednesday) on the day of Lord Kal Bhairav Jayanti.  

What we will do on your behalf?

Free puja to the deity

Onlinepuja.com is trusted name in India having a group of world renowned purohits and pandits who perform online pujas and yagnas for you. Get your puja performed in temples and religious places.

We are conducting Free puja for everyone.. By being the part of this Puja, we will try to eradicate most of the problems of your life. This puja brings the stars in your support and makes it easy for you to excel in your actions and build huge prosperity, spread joy in your life at your homes positivity in your thoughts. It also boosts marriage prospects and helps get a desirable and suitable life partner for marital happiness and success.


Free homam for the deity

Homa or Homam or Havan is offering of intensive Pujas (poojas) to different gods and goddess performed for a particular deity by invoking the divine power of that particular deity through Agni , the God of fire. Homam is an aged hindu custom performed to summon Agni, the god of flame, by offering Ghee (elucidated spread) and other conciliatory offerings.


Mantra recitation for deity

Mantras are prayer or words that are composed of may be spoken softly, enough for the practitioners to hear it that influence the human system. Mantra Chanting gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evils from your life and makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Mantras Recitation helps smooth the mind and clears away the numerous impinging worries and problems that cloud it from time to time.


Fill your Birth Details in the form given here.

Fill your details and send the prayers

Free Homam or yagya is a fire ritual and it dispenses a positive energy among the devotees.The purpose of carrying out Group Homam is betterment and prosperity of people at large by energizing and protecting the environment. There are several malefic forces that threaten our peace. These forces can be destroyed with the help of Homam.

Fill your details and send us the prayer that you wish to send to the deity. Our purohits will perform free puja and homam for you and send your prayers through vedic ways to the right destination.

What all you will get.
  1. Lot of Blessings.
  2. Fulfillment of Desires.
  3. Freedom from sufferings.
  4. Boon for long life.
  5. Success in all your endeavors.
  6. Spiritual and materialistic blessings.