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Is sin destroyed by virtue? What is the greatest virtue?

Hinduism believes in reincarnation. According to Hindu religion, the fruit of deeds performed in this birth is obtained in the coming birth. The pain and sorrow in the present times also results in the deeds of past lives of the person. Receiving a human life is also the result of the virtues of the person, but after

What after religion? How to make life blissful?

According to the religion, we told you that karma is the thoughts that lead your soul towards God, religion. Now that we have adopted a religion, what should we do after this, that our proximity should be maintained by God? Yoga comes after religion when you take the name of yoga, your thinking goes in a different di

What is astrology? Astrology, just an estimate or science?

Astrology is an ancient Indian science that proves that all the 9 planets along with the sun in our solar system have direct impact on human life. More than 4000 years old Indian civilization, this astrology has proved to be a boon for many scholars in today's time, and in the same way some scholars deny the supr

Pearl gems? The method and benefits of wearing pearl gems

Astrology is a major factor in the calculation of the past and future of the person in Hindu religion. Astrology is a solution to all the sufferings of the person. According to astrology, all the problems encountered by the person are related to the planets. The gems that take great rarity also have different astrolo

Perform Special Shivling Puja During Sawan month

This sawan month is especially devoted to Lord Shiva. By worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, all liberation is attained. In the year 2020, the beginning of the Sawan Maas is going to be from July 06 and it will remain till the day of the Raksha Bandhan ie August 03rd. Thus, there will be a total of 5 Mo

According to astrology, adopt these habits and make life enjoyable.

Astrology Remedies in Hindu Dharam has been given great importance. Depending on the position of planets, astrology resolves the problem of a person. It shows its future prospects, along with some of its own rules and theories of astrology, according to which a person should live life. Let us know wh