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Sawan Shivratri

Sawan Shivratri 2024 - On the Shivratri,  Auspicious day to perform Lord Shiva Puja.

It is believed that Lord Shiva heard the call of his devotees very soon. Therefore their devotees also get more tha

5 benefits to do Shiva Puja

Lord Shiva is the part of Trinity In Indian mythology. He is known to be the destroyer. The destroyer of bad and ill effects and he marks the end of everything that is mortal on this earth. It is believed that he is the unchanging consciousness in each and every human, his consort Parvati is Shakti and the power that

Perform Special Shivling Puja During Sawan month

This sawan month is especially devoted to Lord Shiva. By worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, all liberation is attained. In the year 2024, the beginning of the Sawan Maas is going to be from July 22nd, and it will remain till the day of the Raksha Bandhan ie August 19th. Thus, there will be a total of 5

How to Worship of Lord Shiva on Monday

Monday is the day to worship of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is considered as the supreme among Hindu deities, the he is given name “maha dev” i.e. the greatest God. He is also one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is most powerful in all god. He is considered to be the destroyer according

Why is it Easy to please Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva: 
In Hinduism Lord Shiva holds a special place; he is the part of a trinity. He is with the complete function of destruction. Shiva’s heavenly abode is Kailash; His consort is Goddess Parvati (Mother of Universe), and their two sons- Lord Ganesha, and Karthikeya. H

Do this in Navratri, worship the Goddess Durga! Things to keep in mind in Navratri

Navratri comes four times in a year, from which two occasions come Gupt Navratri, those who want to worship Shakti at the time of Gupta Navaratri, they choose this time. The remaining 2 Navaratri is celebrated as a festival in every house throughout India. Today, we are going to give you information about certain spe