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Method of reading Sunderkand

Sunderkand is a chapter of Shri Ramcharit Manas, composed by Tulsidas ji. In which the success of Hanuman ji has been described. There are many ways to please Hanuman ji in which, remembering them by Sunderkand Text, it has been considered as the most effective. It is believed that those who consistently perform good

Basil planted in the courtyard of the house. Benefits of Basil Plant

Tulsi plant is very important in Hindu religion. Tulsi plant is considered very sacred and revered. Tulsi leaves are used in Dev pooja and rituals. Basil Plant is also full of medicinal properties along with its purity. Basil is mainly of two types. 1- White Tulsi, 2- Krishna Tulsi. They are also known as Ram Tulsi a

Know, what is the significance of Havan in Hindu religion and the benefits of Havan?

Dev worship is of great importance in achieving virtue in Hindu religion. To receive God's grace, he is worshiped duly with all the rituals. In addition to this, Mantra is recited during meditation and havan (yagya), it is also pleasing to our adorable god. Dev worship has been considered as fruitful after Havan.

Puja ! What is Puja ! What is Homam! Benefit of Puja and Homam

What is Puja?

Puja is another aspect of God which acts as a spiritual relationship with God through prayers, songs and rituals. Often this contact is facilitated through an object: an image, element of nature, a sculpture, a painting, or a print. It is a well-kno

Why and how should we pray? Purpose of Prayer

Prayer is a way of reaching God or higher divine or your own transcendental self. It is a bridge through which you can contact with the most sensitive and devotional aspects of your own personality. Through prayer you express your love and devotion to God. Your prayer can be completely your own creation, which is wor

Benefits of Wearing a silver ring

The silver metal is considered as sattvik and soft. Although silver is less in gold than original but in properties it is more than gold. By wearing silver, the blessings of Chandra Dev and Venus Guru are bestowed. Silver and gold ornaments are usually worn by women and men to refine their beauty. According to astrol