Anushthan: The term Anushthan is made up of Two words:- Anu means firm and sthan place, hence joined together they become a firm place of worship. Anushthan are performed for a specific purpose and with special requirements. As an art of controlling negative energies, Anusthans are performed for garnering best results in various fields of the doer’s life. Anushthan can be conduct for a special reason just like- for ushering success, Martial problems, improving financial condition, and solving the recurring or persistent issues that stems from horoscopes. A person can achieve spiritual satisfaction and the solution of problems by performing an Anushthan. If performed in the precisely given manner it brings a positive ambience and creates an optimistic environment. We provide the effective solutions for all kinds of problems, only for this reason we organize Anushthan. 

The trained and experience Purohits perform Anusthans by following strict procedure and rituals. First of all, Anushthan comprises of Awahanam, Yagya, Homam and recitation of Mantras to please the concerned Deity. The material required for Anushthan is same as we need in any puja. In the end, Dakshina plays an important role and as per the wish of devotee, one can donate Vastra, food items etc.