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Positive thinking, the basic mantra of living a happy life

The most precious gift received by God is this human body only. God has provided a special thing to human beings other than the other creatures. On the strength of intellect (brain), humans can also make possible impossible tasks. The art of living a good and convenient life is also the gift of this intellect. In the

Learn! Measures to make Venus powerful will be the achievement of pleasure and happiness

Venus is the brightest planets and is a symbol of love. Venus is a feminine woman, it has a direct connection with the sexuality of man and it is directly related to all kinds of beauty and majesty. If Venus gives auspicious effect in someone's horoscope then that person is attractive, beautiful and adorable. Wit

If you want to find true love, then follow these simple steps

True love is the gift of God. It is said that there is an abode of a true God in a couple who are in true love, so never create a barrier between two lovers. There are very few people who get true love but the number of people who truly love someone but the person in front of them does not love or they love someone e

Offer water to Peepal Tree and your all desires will be fulfilled.

In life, happiness and misery continue to come from time to time. There is no such person who has never seen life in grief or has never faced difficulties. Sometimes there are some tasks that are not completed at the time of address or any obstacle or obstruction work does not complete. Man has to try only in his han

Do the remedies to remove the Graha Dosha

According to astrology, all 9 houses located in the solar system have a direct impact on human life. An adverse effect of any one of the 9 planets in the horoscope can make the life of a person difficult. According to Astrology, 7 Home Scenes and 2 Home Shade Groves (Rahu and Ketu) as commonly called. In 7 visible pl

Signs and remedies of Lord Rahu's Mahadasha in the horoscope

In astrology, Rahu has been considered as a shadow planet. In Rahu's Mahadasha and intercept, this Saturn proves far more harmful than the house. Rahu is a sinful house, only the shadow of this house, man's intellect gets corrupted. According to astrology, it is believed that every person lives in life once,