How to offer prayer at Navgraha Temples?

How to offer prayer at Navgraha Temples?

Navgrahas Are:

The Navgrahas are the nine Astrological planets; their movements determine and describe the characteristics of a Human being. The Navgrahas play an interesting role in the defining the destiny of a person. The Navgrahas are mainly worshipped for good luck and help in over-coming obstacles and adversities. The Nine planetary Gods in the Indian Astrology are: 1) Surya/ sun, 2) Chandra/ moon, 3) Mangal/ Mars, 4) Budh/ Mercury, 5) Guru / Jupiter, 6) Shukra/ Venus, 7) Shani/ Saturn, 8) Rahu the northern lunar node 9) Ketu the southern lunar Node. Depending on their position and location that they have in planetary system, and there association with other deities, the Navgrahas determine the dasha or the time period of a particular planet’s stay in our horoscope. These dashas or time periods are both auspicious and inauspicious. It is believed that by offering their favourite food items, one can please them and get their blessings.

Characteristics of the 9 Planets, or Nav Grahas:

The Navgrahas have the following characteristics.

Division of the nine planets is done into parts; these divisions are based on their auspicious and inauspicious nature.

The two divisions are benefic and malefic, also known as Saumya and Krura respectively.

The rise and down of moon determines the effects of moon. This is called as the phase of waxing and waning of moon. This makes planets both malefic and benefic.

No matter what ever the phase of moon is, Rahu and Ketu are always malefic.

The rays that are emitted by these planets effects, the various aspects of life at different stages.

Navgraha Temples:

Navgraha temples are the cluster or group of temples, in Tamil Nadu, There is Navgrahas temple on the banks of River Kshipra in Ujjain. The Navgraha Temples of Tamil Nadu were built during the Chola Dynasty. Legends have it, that in ancient times there was a sage called Kalava, who was suffering from many ailments including Leprosy, He prayed to The Nine planets, and the nine planets were happy with his penance and in turn cured him. This did not go down well with Lord Brahma, as he thought that Navgrahas had no authority to bless people, he cursed the Navgrahas to be born in this mortal earth. The 9 planets went to lord Shiva who lifted the curse by saying that a particular place belonged to them and the devotees will be worshipping at these places, hence the Navgraha temple is located in different villages, and these temples are the home or abode of each Grah.

Dos and Don’ts of Navgraha Puja: 


The Navgraha day’s puja has specific days, Hora and time and will bring good result if done in the time period.

Fasting is advised as there are specific food items that are to be consumed during Puja.

Offer anything to the Navgrahas deity that is in your might.

Do the puja without looking at the chief deity.


Do not consider the Navgrahas equal to Gods.

Worship of Navgrahas are to be done after the worship of Gods.

While doing the Parikrama, never go around in anti clock wise direction.

Do not stand diagonally opposite to lord Shani, while worshipping.

Benefits to Perform Navgraha Puja:

The Navgraha puja is done to appease the Nine grahas or planetary deities.

The Navgraha Puja will bring in wealth and prosperity.

Worshipping Lord Surya brings in strength and valour.

Worshipping Moon brings mental Peace.

Navgraha brings in best of health.

Help you attain moksha.

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