Jupiter Puja

Jupiter Puja Value: 3500

Jupiter Puja

Brihaspati Puja is dedicated to Planet Jupiter. Worship of Planet Jupiter is done for Graha Shanti (peace of home). The Planet Jupiter is known as Guru or devaguru. Planet Jupiter is most effective, auspicious, helpful and beneficial among all the planets. Jupiter puja can bring sound health, wealth and prosperity in the life of an individual. Guru represents benevolence, philosophy, sacred scripture and wisdom. Jupiter is an indicator of fame, luck, fortune, children, wealth, leader and religion. This Puja is recommended to those having malefic Jupiter or wrongly placed as per the horoscope.

This Puja controls the drastic effects of the planet Jupiter. It is also done for Graha-Shanti. Jupiter blesses you education and knowledge and cleanses negative emotion.

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