Worship Lord Jupiter on Thursday for wealth and prosperity

Worship Lord Jupiter on Thursday for wealth and prosperity

Lord Jupiter/ Brahaspati/ Guru:

Jupiter or Guru is said to be a incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As the name suggests Guru and Brahaspati is the teacher of Gods, and an exponent in topics like Science and Maths, and theories like Astronomy and astrology. He is said to control the sun, moon and starts and at the same time controls the movement of planets. He is burdened with the knowledge and skills in the world.  His other Name Brahaspati means the one who is born in sky. He was born in Sky with 11 faces and with seven rays emitting out of him. Jupiter signifies- spiritual truth, knowledge religion and philosophy.

Description of Guru:

Often described and depicted as gleeful, joyous and granter of robust health – Jupiter is depicted mainly yellow or golden color, while holding a stick, a lotus flower and beads His energy is masculine and controls all the masculine entity in a person. With A smile on face, he bestows the knowledge to the world.

Doing these things on a Thursday will give you Wealth:

The day dedicated to the worship of Lord Jupiter is Thursday and this day is auspicious for getting wealth and Prosperity. Perform the following activities.

Praying to Lord Vishnu: On any given Thursday, get up early morning cleanse yourself and pray to Lord Vishnu and chant Vishnu Mantra.

Apply Tikka: Apply the tika made of Haldi or turmeric and Kesar or saffron and apply it on the forehead it will keep you cool in summers.

Donate: clothes and food items that are yellow in color, it is said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Fasting: fasting on this day for Brahaspati is considered auspicious, you can eat a Banana while on a fast, but do not eat it on the Brahaspati Puja day.

Married women and unmarried women: Married women performing the puja must not wash their hair on Thursday. However, unmarried women can wash their hair on Thursday as they perform this fast to get married soon.

Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi: Since, dev Guru Brahaspati is the Karka of Money, hence worshipping the Goddess Lakshmi on this day strengthen financial conditions.

Offer Yellow Garland: offer yellow Garlands, on Vishnu Temple on Thursday, will please Lord Vishnu.

No Salt: If possible on the day of Brahaspati Puja, do not consume food that has salt in it.

Wearing Yellow Sapphire: wearing the yellow sapphire or Pukhraj on this day will bring all the luck peace and prosperity.

Eat Yellow Prasad: Eat yellow sweet rice and, besan or Moong dal Halwa on the day of Puja.

Chant the Mantra: Chanting of Brahaspati mantra “Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah”

Benefits of Performing the Brahaspati Puja:

Gives you good wealth. Brings prosperity and career.
The puja will help you find a good partner.
Enables to remove sins.
Specially removes stomach ailments.

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