Lord Hanuman miraculous locket! Get Freedom from sight, ghosts and all negative forces.

Lord Hanuman miraculous locket! Get Freedom from sight, ghosts and all negative forces.

The worship of Lord Hanuman is considered to provide fast results. Lord Hanuman is pleased with his devotees and brings them happiness. In the time of crisis, if you remember Lord Hanuman with a true mind, he will surely remove your distress. In the scriptures, it is mentioned that during the time of Kaliyug, Lord Hanuman will remain in a state of awakening and will do the welfare of the devotees. The devotees of Lord Hanuman can wear his Locket or Tabeez with the true heart, they will get the blessings from Lord Ram, along with Hanuman ji.

Hanuman Locket Tabeez: 

This talisman of Lord Hanuman contains miraculous powers. By holding Hanuman's miraculous locket in the neck, the negative powers of every kind of sight, the ghost of the dead, the dakinis-Shakini, begin to dispel. You can gain physical benefits such as better health and business begins to progress. With a positive thought in mind, you can wear this miraculous locket for a better life. 

Method of Energizing Lord Hanuman talisman/locket: -

Laying a red clothe at the place of worship. First, take the Amulets / Locket bathe with raw milk and then bathe with honey and finally with Ganga water. Keep the Talisman on red clothes and light the lamp and chant 5100 of Lord Hanuman mantra. 

The mantra is as follows:
ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकायं हुं फट!

After chanting the mantra, make a small offering and also give offerings after Shri Bhairav Namah Mantra and turn 21 talismans over the havan. Tilak Hanuman Locket Tabeez by the Havan, remembering Baba Bhairav and wearing it on the neck. You can keep it in the pocket as well.

Our Purohit can provide you with Lord Hanuman Kavach/Locket (amulet) for your safety. You can book Lord Hanuman Kavach for you. 


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