Easy ways to appease Lord Hanuman

Easy ways to appease Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman- An expression of divinity:

Hanuman is an expression of divinity, sacrifice, and devotion. His Devotion to Lord Rama is beyond comprehension and transposes boundaries. He is considered as Chiranjeevi, or omnipresent and immortal the one who lives on forever. He is an example to all the devotees. His worship to his lord is an inspiration to all; wrestlers in India have his idol in their place of practice. He is worshipped all over India for his Strength and Fearlessness. According to the experts of Hindu Scripture, it is said that Tuesday is an auspicious day to get rid of Kuja Dosh – which is also known as the Manglik Dosh. The best teaching of Lord Hanuman to his devotees is to be Sturdy, pious and brave at the same time being down to earth and give or take no excuse.

How to appease Lord Hanuman?
Anyone anywhere can pray to Lord Hanuman, he is not difficult to impress and appease, the following methods if adopted can appease Lord Hanuman.

(1)  Both Puja and Homam cleanse us both internally and externally.
(2)  Puja and Homam make us enlighten, and gives us Knowledge of our existence. 
(3)  It brings wealth, health and Prosperity in the lives of those who perform it and even for those the Puja is performed. 
(4)  The damaging effects of the natural calamities and catastrophes are reduced by the puja and homam. 
(5) The Mantra that is chanted while performing puja and Homam creates such vibrations that are beneficial for the environment and the listeners. 
(6)  The smoke that rises from a homam contains powerful healing energy, and as it rises to the heavens it purifies the atmosphere, both physically and subtly, encouraging a peaceful and pure environment.

Why pray to Lord Hanuman?

(1) In case of some discord in the marital life, one should pray to Lord Hanuman to maintain peace and balance in their familial life. 
(2)  It is believed that lord Hanuman is a Guru and a teacher, so praying to him means that all the problems have a positive solution and we will find them. 
(3)  Lord Hanuman will bless anyone and everyone, who prays to him, and especially those who are sort of entangles in the web of life. 
(4)  Lord Hanuman gets over mental problems and psychological issues. By regularly praying to him all the negativity is removed and courage to face the tough questions of life is said to be increased. 
(5)  For the issues of career, one should pray to colorful clothed Hanuman, with a white background picture. Praying to such a picture would increase the chances to get ahead in career. 
(6)  Praying to a picture that shows the face of Hanuman in the Southern direction removes the fear of death in an individual.
(7)   Reciting of Hanuman Chalisa will purify the mind body and soul. Since he is humble and devoted a rare combination that is found in powerful beings, this quality should be imbibed in us, by the worship of Lord Hanuman. 

We have seen that there are many ways to appease to Lord Hanuman one of it is Hanuman Puja and homam. To get the strength, devotion, and humility like Hanumanji, get your puja done from our well- versed and Learned Purohit. You can book your puja. 


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