While driving to work I listened to one of your sessions, it was nice to hear it as it gave me insights and I took the proper precautions and followed the remedies. 


Your work says a lot Thank you for your attention to details. Your advice is very apt. Thank you once again for remedies.


A friend of mine saw your FB post regarding, her problem was solved, and she took the remedy. I did the same. So thank you for your help and advice. 

Prem singhania

Suffering from long untreatable ailment, impatient and frustrated selves have made us even more prone to varied sort of ailments. Thank you for your remedial work.


Thanks so very much. Your readings ring true in me and the information you provide is very, very helpful. Thank you onlinepuja.com


A while back I had one reading and then another, not to long ago.  These reading were accurate and the remedies that were suggested were absolutely accurate it.