Worship Lord Shani for spiritual Enlightenment

Lord Shani, in Vedic astrology Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya or sun and his wife Chhaya. An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, he is known for his just and righteousness. Shani was given the authority to punish and reward the person according to their deeds. One of the most dreaded planet in astrology because, once Shani is in the life of the native, it tends to create troubles. It represents authority, discipline and hard work. It tests us and pushes us to the ultimate limit of our endurance. Hence the karmic planet is spiritual energies are restored and helps in getting spiritually inclined.

Sun and Saturn:

According to the Astrology, both are diagonally opposite to each other, with regard to their attributes and characteristic. Since Shani is slow moving and takes about 30 years to complete one rotation around sun, it is called Shanishcharaya.  The time period of 19 years of Shani in existence of the horoscope of the native is called Shani Mahadasha

Saturn/ Shani- Spiritual Growth:

The harmonious relationship of Shani with other planets, make the native spiritually inclined. The ability to understand and absorb the lessons of lives is mainly done by the combination of the planets and their relation with Saturn. It is believed that all the metaphysics who wants to explore the unknown have the harmonious relation with Saturn and other planets. Saturn gives the divine will, it gives particle shape to religions and enables in implementation of law. It is a planet of karma and it holds the Karmic key.

What is Shani Jayanti?

It is the day of birth or the day of advent of Shani, and it mainly falls on the Amavasya tithi in the month of Vaishakh – April May. In the simplest language, it is the no moon day and it is falling on a Saturday, it is an auspicious day and a rare occurrence. It is the day for special worship of lord Shani- planet Saturn. Son of Lord Surya or sun God, he is best known for his just nature and righteousness.  The day that marks Shani Jayanti, this year is also amavasya and combined with forces of Saturn or Shani, this day marks a powerful Yog.

Shani Puja Procedure:

It is advised to fast on the day of Shani Amavasya.
Burn a lamp of mustard oil under the Peepal tree.
After burning the lamp recite the Shani Chalisa.
You can chant the Shani mantra
Make donations on this day. 
Donate black items and feed the black dog or cow.
Worship Shani Dev Temples and light the lamp with Mustard oil and burn incense sticks.    

How to please Lord Shani:

Chant the Shani mantra
Karma Yoga
Worship Peepal tree
Walk barefoot on grass on a Saturday
Worship Lord Hanuman
Remove all the excess in life. De clutters your life.
Perform Yagnas and the rituals of Shani puja.
Bring discipline and regiment in your life.
Do what ever is supposed to be done instead of whatever you are doing.

Shani Puja Remedies:

Offer Navratan Haar, a necklace made from nine precious gems while performing the puja, as it will enable Shani Dev’s protection and his blessings.

To get the blessing of Lord Shani, Pour Oil on the Idol of Shani Dev.

Chant “OM PRAM PRIM PROM SAH SHANISHCARAEY NAMAH”, while visiting the Shani Mantra and performing the Shani Amavasya Puja.

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