Why is Maa Kali worshiped?

Why is Maa Kali worshiped?

Goddess Kali is the fierce form of Maa Durga and a consort of Lord Shiva. Her consort, Shiva is the destroyer of evil according to the Hindu Trinity. The other name of Maa Kali is Parashakti also known as the highest power to create the universe, protect and even destroy it completely. She is the representation of all 3 divine acts together. Maa Kali is represented with a protruding tongue and a garland of skulls which carry deadly weapons which create terror among evil and wicked people. Maa Kali is merciful and benign to all her devotees. She provides her devotees with safety and keeps them away from any harm. She is also said to bestow success and prosperity to her devotees.

The mythical legend behind incarnation of Maa Kali

The main purpose of Maa Kali was to destroy the demons and evil doers as no God was able to kill them. She is an invincible incarnation of Maa Durga and poses a severe threat to the powerful and wicked demons. She was incarnated after Gods and sages prayed, Gods gave her all their weapons to assist her in killing the demons which were her divine mission. She is highly powerful and saved the universe from evil doers.

Why people pray to Maa Kali?

If you are feeling dejected or hopeless in life and filled with misery, you can perform puja or chant Maa Kali mantra. Praying to Maa Kali enhances your skills, gives you courage, builds your confidence, knowledge, balance the life problems and fight the problems in life with ease. The blessings of Maa Kali will fill you with positive energy which can help you in facing any challenge in life. You will no longer feel low and self-confidence starts pouring into your life. 

Benefits of Maa Kali Puja 

If you are looking for jobs, promotions, career advancements and change of careers you can pray to Maa Kali.
If you want your love or married life to succeed you can pray to her.
Praying together with the complete family can assure prosperity, peace, and success for all.
Her blessings can protect you from the evil eye and safe from any misfortunate events in life. 

More than any other thing, the most important thing to keep in mind while worshiping Maa Kali is to develop an unshakable faith in the powers of Maa Kali. She is so powerful that If you seek her blessings in life, there will be nothing that you can’t achieve.  You can take help from a well-experienced Purohits to perform it with all the rituals. You can book now.


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