Why and how should we pray? Purpose of Prayer

Why and how should we pray? Purpose of Prayer

Prayer is a way of reaching God or higher divine or your own transcendental self. It is a bridge through which you can contact with the most sensitive and devotional aspects of your own personality. Through prayer you express your love and devotion to God. Your prayer can be completely your own creation, which is worn with the love of your heart or taken from any scripture.

In Bhagavad Gita, God assures us that his devotees, who are immersed in his thoughts and are so deeply attached to him, are released from the bonds of mortal life forever. Prayers align our hearts and mind with the highest purpose of our lives, which is salvation or self-realization. Apart from the power of prayer, there is no power in the world which can take us so close to God's heart and connect us with those ways we cannot imagine. The power of prayer is such that in the form of Indra, Vayu and Agni, gods are working when they seek the help of other gods like Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva. We can change our life and our destiny by using the power of prayer. Even the most difficult tasks can be done with confidence when we unite the spiritual power of our prayers with the power of our intentions.

We can ask for anything in our prayers. There is nothing wrong with receiving some material benefits through our prayers. Some people can argue that this is an inferior way of praying. But all this is praying the same. Praying is purely a personal effort in which you establish heart-warm communication with the object of your prayer. However, group prayer is considered to be more effective because many brains are joint for a common cause. When people pray collectively, it makes them feel socially and collectively responsible. This helps them to come together as a group to achieve their common goals and collective welfare. Prayer is a form of speech, which is infused with the power of devotion. The earnest prayer enters the microcosm and produces powerful vibrations. If the prayer is from a sacred text, then it will awaken the deity which is hidden in words, which, in turn, leads the prayer to its destination.

People usually pray with specific motives based on this belief that if you pray sincerely, you will get what you desire. There is no cost to prayers. There is no great preparation required to offer prayers. You can do it easily wherever you are and in whatever situation or condition you find yourself. In the prayers, you combine the contemplation of concentration and devotion. By prayer, you unite your mind with the power of God and the universal mind and increase your consciousness to step in the world of God. Our prayers awaken the energized energies within us and make the impossible possible. In moments of exaggerated awareness inspired by prayer, we experience our unity with our Creator. Most of us have seen or heard how people were cured of incurable diseases or through maladaptive problems were overcome by prayers. Many people have documented the incident of miraculous incidents in their lives due to the prayers.

Therefore, it is comforting to know that God expresses our prayers either clearly or naturally. This is the experience of many people in the past along with the present. He answers because he does not see you as being different or different from him. You are a part of their body. You are one aspect of it. He is God for you. But for him you are inseparable. This is God. Everything from his point of view is an extension of himself. In truth, the experience of innumerable individual souls is only their experience. As described in the Hindu scriptures, God is the ultimate bhogi (bhogi) of all. As a silent witness, secretly behind a veil of mystery, he is in touch with every aspect of our life. He allows freedom of life to be expressed through the practice of our personal will. He creates the law of reward and punishment for himself in his enlightened aspect as separate souls caught in the web of deception and delusion. Whenever there is a real cry of help, he comes to save his own beings. Sometimes present, sometimes active, he never leaves any forms, whether he is human or animal, live or inanimate. In fact, it is we who forget him or ignore him, because we are easily distracted by the innumerable attractions of the outer world. We usually remember him when we need something or in times of difficulties. Even if we pray to him, if we are sincerely approaching him and presenting our problems with confidence, we get his response.

The doors of God's heart are always open for prayers. God's attention is rained upon us. Everything happens according to his wishes. Both adversity and prosperity are his blessings. We can like one and dislike the other. But both of them are just tools. From a different and spiritual perspective, the ultimate purpose of our life on earth is to experience life as it is, unconditionally, without judgment and preference. Therefore, instead of being superficial, our prayers should be spiritual rather than materialistic and honest. God can also answer our materialistic aspirations because he loves us.

Many times we feel that God has left us and put our faith into a big test. We are disappointed that God's help did not reach us at the time. On such occasions some people lose their faith and create resentment towards God. In fact, the blame is with us and our weak minds. This is not God who does not listen. It is we who are not sensitive enough to understand their reaction. This is one who is unable to get out of our own limited thinking and has the self-motivated illusions to see the truth. God is ever alert. It's us who are sleeping and ignorant.


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