Why is it Easy to please Lord Shiva?

Why is it Easy to please Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva: 
In Hinduism Lord Shiva holds a special place; he is the part of a trinity. He is with the complete function of destruction. Shiva’s heavenly abode is Kailash; His consort is Goddess Parvati (Mother of Universe), and their two sons- Lord Ganesha, and Karthikeya. He rides on a bull as a shape-shifting bull Nadi, Which is also his vehicle. His followers belong to a sect called Shaivism. The basic concept of Shaivism is that it completely negates the principle of caste and its privileges that comes with birth along with the rights the rights that the Brahmans hold due to their birth.  Shiva is one of the most Gods who is revered in length and breadth of the country. He is the God of masses. 

Shiva is pleased easily: 
Lord Shiva grants boons for all. He is easily pleased by anyone who performs severe penance and is revere him with all their heart. He gives boons even to those who are evils and but later comes up with the solution the curb the devil. Like he was impressed with a demon called Mahishasura, who took a boon of immortality, Lord Shiva, modified the boon and said that no species of male could ever kill him. Mahishasura after his boon started his reign of terror and to curb him, Lord Shiva came up with the solution that only a woman could kill the demon, so by combining powers of the Trinity came up with Mahishasura Mardani (Durga). She then killed the demon. Hence it is very easy to please Lord Shiva. This nature of giving makes him kind-hearted and hence also referred to as Bholenath. 

The exceptional lord Shiva: 
Lord Shiva is very exceptional as he breaks all the ties and social customs and codes to convey the meaning of freedom. He is also an advocator of tantric methods, who even allows the use of the left hand in the worship or practices. He was a great expert who would transcendent from all realities of the world to achieve liberation. He was the one who taught that nature is the provider of every Human need. He goes beyond the conventional norms of society. He was an Aghori who would leave every in the world and would meditate for better. Lord Shiva is black in Color because of the Ash that is smeared on his body, Ash signifies that after death material world ceases to exist. Not worried about his physical appearance. 

An ideal Husband: 
Even though he is a God, but young girls want a husband like him. The reason being, that he revered Maa Parvati as his equal. He gave the same respect to her as she to him. He gave her a seat next to him, which is not done by the other two gods of the divine trinity. Both when came together are called as Ardhanareshwar. This is the reason that young girls desire a husband like him who is devoted and equally respecting. 

Shaivism’s Belief: 
Shaivities or the followers of Shaivism believes that one can please the Lord by being true to one’s path of motive or one’s path to achieving a goal and not wandering off from the path of Dharma, A path that is away from materialistic possessions.  In terms of his behavior and physical characteristics he is very human, he is one time an Aghori Sadhu. He is the true God to lead his worshippers in the path moksha. 

Benefit of Lord Shiva Puja 
1. This puja has the power to protect us from the ill effects of the Grah or Planetary Dosh. 
2. Devotees who perform lord Shiva puja can see their health improving rapidly and are protected from ailments and deadly diseases. 
3. Unmarried women who worship of Lord Shiva will get the desired person as a husband. 
4. Worshipping Lord Shiva plays an important role to enhance the spiritual growth in you. 
5. Married women perform Lord Shiva Puja for the longevity of their son and husbands. 

It would be auspicious to perform Lord Shiva Puja every month on the Trayodashi tithi in the Shukla Paksha. You can perform the Lord Shiva Puja by our well – versed Purohits.


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