Who are the People to Perform Puja and Homam?

Who are the People to Perform Puja and Homam?

What is Puja? 

The act of Worship, done with the reverence towards the Supreme Being is called Puja. It is also the process of invoking the deity, offering them a high seat, providing them with food and water, it is the imagination that the really our chosen deity is right in front of us to receive and bless our worship. Puja and worship are mainly dependent on our faith. For example, a stone is of no value and has no power in it, the stone is turned into the chosen deity, only because of our faith and belief. Worships and Puja are not only done in temples but at homes, not only in the community but also individually. The puja and worship are a part of our daily life, we may not be able to sit down and worship Lord in the prescribed manner, but every day we take the name of God that itself is his/ her worship. 

What is Homam?

Homam also called as Havan, are the ritualistic worship that involves offering to Gods, through the medium of Fire.  Of the 5 elements that make this universe, fire is one of them. It is believed that Fire has the ability to transmit energy and can reach far and beyond. Fire mainly cleanses the environment and also kills all the bacteria’s in the atmosphere. Since it has great outreach, it helps in reaching to Gods with our prayer. The smoke that is transmitted from the homam if consumed is considered beneficial because, it kills all the germs inside us, and at the same time it reduces our ego and negative thoughts, at the same time fills us with positivity.

Benefits of Puja and Homam:

(1) Both Puja and Homam cleanse us both internally and externally.
(2) Puja and Homam make us enlighten, and gives us Knowledge of our existence. 
(3) It brings wealth, health and Prosperity in the lives of those who perform it and even for those the Puja is performed. 
(4) The damaging effects of the natural calamities and catastrophes are reduced by the puja and homam. 
(5) The Mantra that is chanted while performing puja and Homam creates such vibrations that are beneficial for the environment and the listeners. 
(6) The smoke that rises from a homam contains powerful healing energy, and as it rises to the heavens it purifies the atmosphere, both physically and subtly, encouraging a peaceful and pure environment.

Specialized People to perform Pujas and Homams:

In the Hindu mythology and legends, has given importance to various saints and Rishis and munis because of their ability to perform puja and Homams. These people were specialized in their art and craft of performing Puja. They had specific Knowledge of how and what has to be done in order to garner blessings and boons.  Some Rishis, due to their penance were so strong-willed that even Gods feared them. The Rishi Munis had the knowledge of 4 Vedas and their implications on the life of people. 

Now the changing times there was a change in the puja performing aspect. We either perform Puja on our own at a small scale, but when done on a huge scale or in our house or now a day we require Pundits or Purohits to perform the puja on our behalf. These are learned people who perform the puja with entire knowledge and follow the procedure.  

Kindly send your complete Birth details to our Guruji (Astrologers). They would check your complete horoscope and suggest you the best puja and homam services according to your horoscope. This puja and homam would greatly help in reducing the negative effects and increasing the positive effects of the planets thereby helping in fulfillment of desire. You can send your details now. 


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