Puja ! What is Puja ! What is Homam! Benefit of Puja and Homam

Puja ! What is Puja ! What is Homam! Benefit of Puja and Homam

What is Puja?

Puja is another aspect of God which acts as a spiritual relationship with God through prayers, songs and rituals. Often this contact is facilitated through an object: an image, element of nature, a sculpture, a painting, or a print. It is a well-known fact that with all the planets, the entire universe has been created by supreme power (God) and therefore it is possible to reduce the sufferings of anybody due to the benefic effect of the planets through honest trust to God. 

During worship, one image or other symbol of God acts as the means of access to God. This icon is not God himself; rather, it is believed that it is full of the cosmic energy of the deity. It is a centre point of respect and communication with God. Objects are created in the form of eclipse for spiritual energy, which allows the devotee to experience direct communication with himself or his deities.

What is Homam?

Homam is the worship made for a particular god by calling of Agni (Fire).

It is said that when Lord Brahma (the creator between Trinity) created man, he also made "Homam" to achieve the living of man and spiritual desires. The goal of all Homam is to enrich the environment and protect the people on a large scale. Sun is considered to be the main source of energy supply, and fire is considered to represent the energy of the sun. According to ancient texts on Homam, any offering to Agni in the form of God, in fact, is a proposal for the sun.

How is Homam?

Every homam should be strictly executed according to the guidelines laid down by our ancient sages and our Vedic literature. They should be fully trained and operated by experienced Vedic scholars. The materials obtained for these homams are different for each homam. Each Homam has to be done after praying for the special relief / benefit desired for each person.

Now according to these strict guidelines and other necessary rituals performing Puja and Homam cannot be possible for any common man. Therefore it is always better to perform them with the help of experienced priests who are well aware of all the processes and rituals.

Benefits of Puja and Homam

According to our sacred texts, Puja and Homam are done for many reasons, some are given below: 

1. There are many adverse forces that put our peace and happiness in danger. With the help of puja and homam, these forces can be eliminated.

2 If a person wants to move forward on the spiritual path, then there is a need to worship that which helps him achieve this goal of attaining spiritual prosperity.

3. A worship is about starting a new venture for a business, building a house or similar for some travel events, examinations, and marriage and so on for some important events.

4. Puja and homam are also done for creating positive vibrations in the house so that the lives of residents are peaceful and without any difficulty.

5. Puja and homam are also done in the office to create a positive atmosphere so that the business runs smoothly with the physical abundance

6. Puja and homam are must be done at the time of marriage because the newlyweds need all the blessings of the gods for a happy and successful marriage.

7. It is also very helpful when suffering from any serious illness related to body, mind or spirit.

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