What are the occasions for performing Ganapathy Homam?

What are the occasions for performing Ganapathy Homam?

The Lord Ganesha is regarded highly among Gods and hence Ganapathy homam is performed with complete respect and reverence to him. Lord Ganesha is highly valued by people across the world as he removes obstacles from the life of his devotees and you can invoke his blessings during the beginning of a new venture to make sure of a successful endeavor. The Lord Ganapati has an elephant head and he brims with auspicious qualities which make him endearing to his disciples and devotees. 

The importance of performing Ganapathy homam lies in the fact that a true devotee with a pure heart can enjoy the unparalleled success in any endeavor of their life. It also brings a sea of change in the fortune of the devotee performing the homam. There are insurmountable obstacles which can magically disperse and even melt away the spiritual energy. The rituals bring about a sea of change in the fortune. The rituals ensure that the devotees gain success and wellbeing in their life. One can perform the ceremony and a new business venture can be due to the advantage of the positive energy which radiates while enjoying the resounding success in life. 

Benefits of performing Ganapathy Homam:

Overcome the obstacles on the path to success.
Removing the hardships from life.
Initiating the new ventures with confidence.
Getting bliss and happiness in life.
The advent of fresh new opportunities in life.
Realizing the plans and achieving objectives.
People can seek favorable outcomes in business, new projects or company.
Removing mental, physical, spiritual and physical level obstacles on all these levels.
Achieving excellence in academics.

So, no matter what problem or troubles you are facing currently in life, Ganapathy Puja and Homam can resolve it all. However, it should be performed in a proper manner under the guidance of well-versed Purohits. 


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