Vedic remedy for winning the lottery! If you want to win the lottery, do this trick once

Vedic remedy for winning the lottery! If you want to win the lottery, do this trick once

The lottery has been banned in most states of India. But still, in some states, it is legally recognized. If you also belong to a state where the lottery is not restricted, then you can adopt a remedy given in this post, you can accept your fate. When a person starts to get disturbed by his deteriorating financial condition and does not find any way to earn money, then he starts looking for options such as like a lottery or betting, and in the end, there is only one and only disappointment.

If you have made a mind that you have to earn money through the lottery and fix your financial position then this post is for you, but pay attention: misuse of lottery money when it comes to the lottery given in this post. Do not do it and donate 10% of the lottery to any cow or religious work.

Effective measures to earn money through lottery

First of all, you can collect some material from the market by bringing it: An old lottery ticket, 4 lotus flowers, incense, gram flour, red thread, a 500 rupee note, a white paper, a ghee lamp, Sindoor, and camphor.

Go to a holy place on the night of a new moon. Now sit on the east side and sit down. Burn the ghee lamp and keep lotus flowers around it. Put lottery tickets in front of you, put some camphor over the ticket. Now chant the three mantras which are given below:-

|| ॐमहालक्ष्माईसर्वदरिद्रतादूरनिक्रान्तुभव्येयएहमगृहमअवन्तुभवय  ||

After chanting the mantra, add a little water to the vermillion in the white paper and write it in its ink, 21 times the desire to win your lottery on the paper with this ink. While writing, chant the above-mentioned chant. After that, make two pieces of red thread. Bind the paper to one piece and bind the other piece on your right wrist. Now you keep the old lottery tickets in your pocket. After consuming sweets, bought a lottery ticket by a note of 500 rupees. Keeping the old and new lottery tickets in your pocket until the lottery takes place.

By doing this measure, the likelihood of getting rid of your lottery increases by the grace of Maa Lakshmi. Many people have taken advantage of using this remedy. You also do this remedy and take full advantage of it.

Attention: In the worship, use of materials such as lotus flowers, lamps of ghee, etc. then you should later shed some flowing water. Do not do alcohol, meat and any wrongdoing with the amount spent in the lottery and donate 10% of the amount of money in the work.

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