Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah is the stylized marriage of the Tulsi plant (heavenly basil) to the Hindu god Vishnu or his Avatar Krishna. In 2017, it will be praised on November 01, 2017 which will likewise check the start of Holy Wedding period of Hindus. This heavenly function is performed whenever between the Prabodhini Ekadashi and the Karthik Purnima in the period of Karthik. It is trusted that Tulsi is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, who is the adored of Lord Vishnu. This plant has diverse mending qualities that enhance the cerebrum and body.

It is trusted that each individual who takes after the convention of wedding Tulsi to Lord Vishnu gains the credit of performing Kanyadaan (to offer one's little girl). Tulsi plant is spruced up and enhanced with customary trimmings to influence her hope to like a lady of the hour. A picture of Lord Vishnu or a stone is taken to delineate the prepare. To start the wedding service, the couple is joined by cotton string. With every one of the Mantras the marriage is recognized and rice blended with vermilion (Roli Chawal) is showered on the blessed couple of Tulsi and Shaligram.

History and Stories 

There are numerous legends that create the stories behind Tulsi Puja. In any case, the most mainstream Tulsi Vivah story expressed by Hindu writings is that of a lady called Vrinda. She was the accomplice of Jalandhar who was a 'Danav Raja'. Vrinda was an extraordinary ardent of Ruler Vishnu and because of her supplications, Jalandhar ended up plainly indestructible amid fights. Be that as it may, Jalandhar took undue favorable position of his forces. Jalandhar left for a battle and Vrinda implored Master Vishnu to protect him. Master Vishnu at that point took the symbol of Jalandhar and Vrinda was occupied from venerate. Now, Jalandhar got slaughtered in the fight and his body was conveyed to Vrinda. Stunned, Vrinda at that point reviled Master Vishnu to transform into a Shaligram and afterward lost cognizance. Her spirit was exchanged to a plant that later came to be known as Tulsi. Subsequently, all the Vishnu pujas are finished just with Tulsi offerings. To make up for what He did to Vrinda, Ruler Vishnu said that He would wed her in the following life. Subsequently, on the event of Prabodhini Ekadashi, the wedding function between Vishnu (Shaligram stone) and Tulsi occurred.

Auspicious Mahurat for Tulsi Vivah Puja

The auspicious day of Tulsi wedding this year is November 01, 2017. The shubh muhurat for this puja commences from 09:11 pm to 10:47 pm.

Benefit of Tulsi Vivah Puja

Brings prosperity to marital life
Improves communication between family members.
Prevents one from the effects of diseases and infections.
Brings positive vibrations to one’s home.

Tulsi Vivah Mantra

"Devi Tvam Nirmita Purvamarchitasi Munisvaraih
Namo Namaste Tulsi Paapam Har Haripriye |"


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