Why an Auspicious (Shubh) Mahurat is required to perform the event

Why an Auspicious (Shubh) Mahurat is required to perform the event

A person always wish to get the positive result for his actions. He remain desirous for good results. He also do prayers to the deity for positive benefits. If it is marriage, travel, new job joining, shop opening, examination, interview or any event that is linked with his or her progress, he want that planets or deities bless him and bring success. 

Dasha in horoscope plays an important role in deciding the success rate of event for the particular person but Muhurat decide the fate of event in a tremendous way. 

A mahurat is the most auspicious time chosen to execute or start an event so that task is carried out without any hurdles and obstacles. A Shubh mahurat is calculated by transit of planets. Tithi, Vaar, nakshtra, Rahu Kalam and many more astrological factors will be considered in mind while calculating the correct Mahurat. 

some pandits just calculated the mahurat from Hindu calendar called Hindu panchang. We here at onlinepuja.com calculate Mahurat after seeing the "Nature of the activity”, " Horoscope of the person", "Plantary influence", "Nakshatra on the day" etc. This bring more positive and strong result for the native. 

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