Rudra Gayatri Mantra- Significance and Benefits

Rudra Gayatri Mantra- Significance and Benefits

What are Mantras? 
The rhythmic chanting, of verses, which are based on the energy, these mantras enables us to invoke the power and blessings of the divine. Mantras are so chanted that they become the remedies for souls. Regular chanting of Mantra leads to purification of mind body and soul. It can be said that the mantras are a medium of contact between the Supreme Being and the Mortal being.  Mantras are for all occasions, and can be chanted by anyone and everyone; it does not discriminate between the chanter. One common feature in all mantras is that they all start from one syllable – OM

Meaning of Om: 
According to the Indian Vedic Tradition, OM is a vibration that created the entire universe and Solar System. Om in Upanishads means a tool for Meditation, It is a meditating, ranging from an artificial world to the knowledge of self. It is the sacred Sound, Om is mainly everything in this world, it is the truth, the reality, the very essence of the world, the infinite and everything is encompassed in it. It is the Atman and the Brahman, the tool of deepest self- knowledge. Hence it is a reality that helps us in self- Realisation, it creates the whole world and the relation between the Supreme Being and the Mortal being is established with this word. 

Rudra Gayatri Mantra: 
Since every day of the weak is dedicated to one God or the other. Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and chanting the mantra for him on Monday will reap maximum benefits. Here is a Rudra Gayatri mantra, used for pleasing the Lord and getting his blessings. 

The Rudra Gayatri Mantra is:

Meaning of Rudra Gayatri Mantra: 
Om Give me intellect and wisdom and Illuminate my heart with eternal light. Oh, great one gives me the light for self- realization and an illuminating lamp of wisdom and knowledge in this heart and mind. 

The significance of the Mantra:
This Mantra helps to lead a fearless life, chanting this mantra will help us remove all the irrational supernatural fears. It improves self-strength and power. Also, this mantra frees the chanter from depressions and mental diseases. The mantra helps in attaining Moksha. The best use of this mantra is to get peace of Mind. When the Mind wanders, this mantra helps in Meditation and enables to collect the mind so that we are able to concentrate on the self. These mantras help to get the self- realization and enable motivation to lead a life on the path of dedication and Meditation. This Mantra enables to shower Lord Shiva’s Blessing on the chanter.

Benefits of Chanting this Mantra:
(1) It imbibes in us positivity and removes all negativity. 
(2) It enables us to achieve inner and eternal peace. 
(3) By reciting this Mantra, people are ensured to get heaven at the end of their life’s journey. 
(4) It will increase brain ability and  increases levels of concentration
(5) It Boosts energy and immunity also prevents from accidents and untimely death.   

It would be good if someone chants 51000 mantras in 21 Days. You can book our well-versed and experience purohits for the same. 


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