Rohini Vrat – Fast for Good Destiny

Rohini Vrat – Fast for Good Destiny

Rohini Vrat is the important fast observed in Jain and Hindu community. Rohini Vrat is observed by women for the long life of their husband. Rohini is also one of the Nakshatra out of 27 Nakshatra in Jain and Hindu calendar. If you are born in rohini nakshatra and it would be good if you perform Rohini Vrat puja on the auspicious day of u

Rohini Vrat "2019"

18    January      (Friday)    
14    February    (Thursday)    
13    March        (Wednesday)    
10    April          (Wednesday)   
07    May          (Tuesday)    
03    June          (Monday)    
01    July           (Monday)    
28    July           (Sunday)    
24    August     (Saturday)    
21    September (Saturday)  
18    October     (Friday)    
14    November (Thursday)    
11    December (Wednesday)    

The Ultimate benefits of Rohini Vrat are:-

Rohini Vrat is considered to be the happiness and prosperity of the household and the inmate of the family.

It is observed for long life of the husband and relief from the trouble of life.

It is also believed that those who observe Rohini fasting can get rid of all type of poverty and sorrow.

You can also book a puja on this day to get good health, wealth and fortune. Doing puja on this day effectively reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger. It is also beneficial for happy marital life.


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