Procedure to Perform Lord Ganesh puja

Procedure to Perform Lord Ganesh puja

Who is Lord Ganesh? 
Son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the brother of Karthikeya, the slayer of all obstacles and the destroyer of hurdles. One who rides on a mouse, with an elephant face.  He is auspicious and is revered before everything auspicious, and loved by all from children to elders. The God of wisdom and prosperity, and a carrier of good luck- This is Lord Ganesh.

The many other Names:
Lord Ganesh is also known as, Vignaharta, Ganpati, Vinayaka, Balchandra, Durja, Ekdanta, and Gajanan and Lambodar. He may be called by any name by his devotees, but he is mainly revered in his Siddhivinayak or the Vignaharta manifestation, which brings prosperity and peace along with wisdom and strength and happiness.

Procedure to do Puja: The ideal day for Puja is said to Monday Begin the procedure to perform Puja as follows:

(1) Meditation or Dhyan: Begin the Lord Ganesha Puja with Meditation. It is advised that the meditation should be done in front of an already established Ganesh Idol, along with chanting “Om Gan Ganpate Namah”.

(2) Invocation of Lord Ganesha: After meditation comes invocation, Lord Ganpati or Ganesha is then he is invocated by the repeated chanting of Mantra and your stance should fold in namaste posture and head bowed down in reverence posture.

(3) Do the Homam and sing hymns of praises: The next step is to perform Lord Ganesh puja and homam after the end of Puja it is advised to sing Hymns that are the praises of God. 

(4) Distribution of Prasad: After the entire completion of puja, the offerings in the form of food products that were made to God are then distributed to the devotees. 

Perform your Lord Ganesh puja through our well – versed priest. 


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