Nag Pachami

The festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. This time, this festival is on 02nd August 2022 (Tuesday). This day is the law of worshiping serpents. Nagas are also considered to be Gods in Hinduism. In the Mahabharata texts, the origin of the serpents has been told. Among them are Sheshnag, Vashukhi, Takshra etc. are prominent. On the occasion of Nagpanchami, we are telling you about the major serpents described in the texts-

Vasuki Nag 

Vashukhi is said to be the King of Snake in religious texts. These are kept wrapped in Lord Shiva's throat. (In some texts, the name of the serpent of Mahadev, who is residing in the throat, is also known as Takshak). These are the children of Maharishi Kashyap and Kadru. His wife's name is Satshirsha. Their intellect remains engaged in devotion to God. When the mother Kadru cursed the serpent to be consumed in serpent sacrifice, then Vasuki was very worried to save the Nag race. Then the snake named Eletapart told them that the son born to your sister, Jupiter, will stop snake yagya. 

Then Nagraj Vasukhi married his sister Jarusu with the sage Jasru. At the time, Jasroos gave birth to a scholar son named Ashiq. The sahist had stopped the serpent yajna of King Jemmejaya by saying the beloved word. According to the scriptures, the leader of Nagraj Vasukhi (rope) was made during the ocean mantra. At the time of Tripuradah (Lord Shiva had destroyed the three demons of the demons from the same arrows), Vasuki Shiva became the door of the bow.


Sheshnag's name is also an infinite. When Sheshnag saw that his mother Kadru and brothers together have tricked Vinaata (another wife of Rishi Kashyap), then they left their mother and brothers together and started doing penance on the mountains of Gandmandan. Pleased with his penance, Brahma gave him a boon that your intellect would never be distracted by religion. 

Brahma also told Sheshnag that this earth is constantly shaking, so you should put it on your own body in such a way that it becomes stable. In this way, Sheshnag took the whole earth on its own. In Kshirsagar, Lord Vishnu is immortalized on the throne of Sheshnag. According to religious texts, Lord Sriram's younger brother Laxman and Shrikrishna's elder brother Balram were the incarnations of Sheshnag. 

Takak Nag

According to religious texts, Taksh Pahdawala is one of eight snakes. In the context of Takshak, the description is found in Mahabharata. According to him, due to the curse of Shringi Rishi, Takshak was the son of the tester, who had died. The son of Raja Prakshik, son of Janmayya sacrificed a serpent with the aim of taking revenge from Takshak. In this yagna many snakes fall and fall. Seeing this, Takhar Devaraj went to Indra's refuge. 

As soon as the rituals (the Brahmins sacrificing the yagya) took the name of Takshak and offered a sacrifice in the yagna, the Takshak davalka started falling into Yagya Kund. At that time, the sage sage kept his mantras stable in the sky. At the same time, Jainamayya stopped the snake sacrifice at the behest of Muni Muni and saved the life of Takshak.

Corkotak Nag

Karkotaka is a gana of Shiva. According to mythology, when the serpent's mother Kadru cursed the serpent to be consumed in serpent yagya, then fearful of the people of the blanket Nag Brahmaji, in the state of Chankhupur Manipur, in Kaliya Nag Yamuna, in Dhritarashtra Nag Prayag, Elkapatra Brahmokl and Others went to the penance in Kurukshetra.

At the behest of Brahmaji, the Karkakot Nag praised the sex in front of Mahamaya in the Mahakal forest. Shiva was pleased and said- Those who behave in the path of religion, they will not be destroyed. After this the Karkotak Nag entered the same Shivling. Since then, that gender is called karkoteshwar. It is believed that those who worship Panchkishi, Chaturdasi and Karkoteshwar Shivaling on Sundays do not suffer Sarp pain. 

Kaliya Nag

According to Shrimad Bhagwat, Kaliya Nag resided with his wives in Yamuna river. From its poison the water of the river Yamuna also became poisonous. When Sri Krishna jumped into the river, he jumped into the river Yamuna. There was a fierce battle between Kalia Nag and Lord Shri Krishna. Finally, Sri Krishna defeated Kaliya Nag. Then the wives of Kaliya Nag had prayed for Sri Krishna to release Kaliya Nag. Then Shrikrishna told him that * all of you leave the river Yamuna and reside somewhere. On the saying of Krishna, Kaliya left the Yamuna river along with Nag family and went somewhere else. 

Apart from these, the names of Kamble, Shankpal, Padma and Mahapadma etc. If you are having Kal Sarp Dosh in your horoscope so It is auspicious to perform Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja on this day. 


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