Method of reading Sunderkand

Method of reading Sunderkand

Sunderkand is a chapter of Shri Ramcharit Manas, composed by Tulsidas ji. In which the success of Hanuman ji has been described. There are many ways to please Hanuman ji in which, remembering them by Sunderkand Text, it has been considered as the most effective. It is believed that those who consistently perform good deeds on every Tuesday for 41 consecutive weeks, prove their great deeds and receive special blessings from Hanuman ji.

The person gets mental peace by reading Sunderkand. Every kind of negative energy starts reducing from home. The confidence of such a person increases. The Sunderkand Text is a wonderful power in itself, the person who recites it regularly; by the grace of Hanuman ji cures the patient suffering from any obstacles. Before starting any auspicious work, it is considered beneficial to recite Sunderkand.

Whether there is any kind of crisis, whether it is related to any obstacle or related to incurable disease, regular use of sunderkand text starts to end all troubles. Such a person enjoys happiness in all respects and is always happy. Family discord, liberation from disease, getting rid of negative power, advancement in business, benefits from reading Sunderkand in all.

The method of reading Sunderkand

It is considered auspicious to do Sundarkand path every Tuesday, Saturday or in the month of Shravan. It takes about 2 hours to complete Sunderkand Lesson, so sit quietly and recite Sundarkand with complete reverence. While performing the meditation, keep in mind the Lord Rama and Hanuman ji. 

By two methods you can do beautiful text: 

1) Total worship method:- In this method all the Gods are remembered before reading Sunderkand. You can complete this method only through a knowledgeable priest. 

2.) Simple worship method:- This is a very simple method of reciting beautiful verse and know the detail about this method:

Simple method of reading Sunderkand

Establish a check post in the east. Lay the red cloth on the outpost. Now place the photograph of Ram Darbar or on the photo of Hanuman ji. Sit in front of the poster. Keep the following material with you: Water, sunlight, lamp, floral, rice, sweet (Prasad), Roli and Ram Charit Manas in one vessel. Now stir the lamp of ghee and apply it. Now, think about all the Gods in the Ram Darbar photo. Tilak Ramcharit Manas. Offer intangible. Offer floral and sweet, and sprinkle water (Sunderkand Path Vidhi).

Now take a little water in the right hand and take a resolution like this: - Sri Vishnu - Sri Vishnu - Sri Vishnu, O God God, (your name speaks) Gotra (your tribe) speaks Sundar Kand for the accomplishment of your work I am doing the work of giving the perfection in my work, leave the water on the ground as saying, and say - Sri Vishnu - Sri Vishnu - Sri Vishnu.

Now you should remember them by this mantra of Ganesh first. Then remember your God. Now you take the name of Lord Rama three times. After this Hanuman ji's praise mantra reminds Hanuman ji.

After doing so, now you can start the text of SundarKand. In the middle of the couple's completion, "Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram" or Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari, Dravidhu Su Dasarath Ajir Bihari || In this way, between the middle and more Lord Rama should be remembered. The more you pay attention, the more you recite the name of Lord Rama during Sunderkand, the more benefit you can get. When the Sunderkand text is complete, do an aarti of Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman ji and Ram ji and accept the offerings and distribute the offerings in all.

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