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Lord Shiva and Parvathy Puja - onlinepuja.com

Lord Shiva & Maa Parvathy:

Shiva the God of destruction in the trinity and his consort Parvathy or Shakti when come together they are perceived as the epitome of eternally married couple Lord Shiva. They both are inseparable without each other. One will cease to exist without other, hence when a young couple is getting married they are often called as the incarnate of Shiva and Parvathy. Both of them coming from different background- Shiva living a life as a nomad at Kailash, the other a princess of Himalaya. They came together because of their destinies and divine plan. They got married for the betterment of the world and still are the embodiment of marriage, and yes truly and aptly depicts the fact- opposites attracts.

What is Shiva- Parvathy Puja?

Shiva and Parvathy are the combination of the energies, the male and female energies in the world. Combining together of Sh- meaning permanent Bliss, I – meaning the male energy and the VA – meaning female energy. Hence praying to them and worshipping them is the only way to lead a successful married life. It is the Puja that is mainly performed to remove any type of Dosha or hindrances in married life or the hurdles that makes it difficult to get married. By Performing Shiva and Parvathy puja we invoke them in our life. Shiva is the God who destroys, hence He will destroy any type of hurdles and Parvati Maa, will bestow the quality of a good wife in the female who is performing this puja.

Significance of Shiva Parvathy Puja:

Following are the significance of the puja

To meet your true soul mate and enter into the bonds of Holy Matrimony.

To resolve all the delays in marriages.

Any hurdle or Obstacle that are being witnessed by a married couple is removed after this puja.

To lead a life full of marital bliss, this puja helps in leading a blissful life.

How to perform the Shiva and Parvathy Puja?

The following is the Simple method of doing the Shiv Parvati Puja:

Before beginning anything Auspicious always prayer to Lord Ganesha, bathe him and decorate him with ornate clothes, offer camphor, beautiful flowers and Akshath.

Now worship the Shiva and Parvati, Bathe them in Panchamrut and then in Ganga Jal

Offer clothes to Shiva and Parvati, beautify them with different embellishments like flower, and accessories

Adorn Shiv and Parvati with the tilak of Ashtgandha and Kumkum respectively.

Offer ornate flowers, and burn Diya and incense sticks.

Chant the Shiv Gauri/ Parvati mantra and do the puja and homam.

Chant the mantra “Om Umamaheshwaray Namah”

Benefits of Doing the Shiva Parvati Puja and Homam:

Shiva and Parvati Protects the devotes from all the ill eyes and vices such as anger and egos.

This Puja helps in granting the boons, that awakens the intellect and wisdom among the devotees.

This Puja helps in maintaining marital harmony.

To lead an eternally blissful life.

To get peace and tranquillity back in your married life or to get married at the earliest, you can perform Lord Shiv Parvathy Puja to our well- versed Purohit will perform the puja on your behalf.   

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