Know, what is the significance of Havan in Hindu religion and the benefits of Havan?

Know, what is the significance of Havan in Hindu religion and the benefits of Havan?

Dev worship is of great importance in achieving virtue in Hindu religion. To receive God's grace, he is worshiped duly with all the rituals. In addition to this, Mantra is recited during meditation and havan (yagya), it is also pleasing to our adorable god. Dev worship has been considered as fruitful after Havan. The major deity fire has been considered as significant in Havan,. All the sacrifices offered in the Havan are directly received by God. By burning fire in front, through this fire, the action of reaching the devotee to God is called Havan. There is a substance in it which is given away in fire as a sacrifice. Divine offerings, fruits, sweets, ghee and pots are offered in the ignited fire in the havan kund.

The Benefits of Havan

To worship any god, the offerings of Mantras by Havan reach directly to God through Agni Dev. In ancient times, havan (yajna) was used to get rid of any acute situation. To get relief in the battle of the King, to get rid of any fierce illness, to get rid of drought and flood were done. Even today, big politicians organize big havan for victory in elections and get success too.

Purification of the environment

All the materials used in the havan are devoted to the fire of the Havan as soon as the smoke comes out of it starts purifying the atmosphere. With this sacred fragrance, all the harmful germs present in the environment start destroying and flies such as mosquito and harmful germs for a long time.

Get rid of negative forces

Significance of havan is considered to be very sacred from religious view. In the place where the Havan works from time to time, all the negative forces gets removed. In such a place, evil forces remain ineffective.

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