Is sin destroyed by virtue? What is the greatest virtue?

Is sin destroyed by virtue? What is the greatest virtue?

Hinduism believes in reincarnation. According to Hindu religion, the fruit of deeds performed in this birth is obtained in the coming birth. The pain and sorrow in the present times also results in the deeds of past lives of the person. Receiving a human life is also the result of the virtues of the person, but after attaining the adulthood, human beings suffer great miseries and difficulties, there is sin of previous birth. It is clear that the person receives happiness and sorrow in the coming birth according to his own sin and virtue, but now the question arises, can sin be destroyed by virtue? After doing a great sin, doing 10 major virtues will erase one sin you have committed? Let's know this in detail:

The scholars of religion say that a human can commit sin in his whole life can only be destroyed when he earns equal amounts of virtue. But when seen from the second sight, the sin of man is never destroyed, and the punishment is definitely to be given, even if he does earn enough amount of virtue. If the sin was destroyed by virtue, then every sinner would organize the greatness by carrying out sins like theft, murder and diluting it with feeding the Brahmins.

Sins and virtuous deeds

In three ways, the person becomes a part of sin: To keep jealousy for others in the mind, to speak wrong words for others and to physically harm others, and to gain virtue, such as: - Worshiping God by Most Highly Donating, helping the needy, preventing others from committing sins, serving their parents, feeding cattle and so on.

The greatest sin and virtue

In general terms, the biggest sin is to harm others, and to help a needy person without any selfishness, that is philanthropy is the highest virtue.

When Maharishi Vyas ji, after composing 18 mythologies, Narad ji studied the Puranas and asked them to spread their propaganda. Narad ji said that reading the Purana sitting for long periods is beyond my capacity, so briefly summarize the myths of the Puranas. Vyas ji said on this “अष्टादशपुराणेशुव्यासस्यवचनद्वयम। परोपकारायपुण्यायपापायपरपीडनम् ॥” 

The essence of all Puranas is that it is the biggest sin to harass others, and it is the highest virtue to help a person in need.

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