What is the importance of reciting the SunderKand?

What is the importance of reciting the SunderKand?

The third day of any week is Tuesday, on this day Mahabali is the worship of Hanuman. With the worship of Hanuman ji, the benefactor of strength and wisdom, one attains liberation from every crisis of life. In all the deities, only Hanuman ji is believed to be living on this earth in the living gods, which, according to mythological beliefs, variants on earth in this Kaliyug. On Tuesday, there is a tradition of reciting Sundarband. It is also said that the person who recites devotionally and beautifully after forty weeks, all his wishes are fulfilled. Every misfortune of his life is dispelled.

Why the text of Sundarakand?

To make Hanumanji happy, with the duly and correct rules, Hanumanji's beautiful book should be done with faith and devotion. It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete this lesson once. While reading, read this with calmness and full attention. The text is good on Tuesdays and Saturdays and it is beneficial.

Infinite glory of beautiful writing

On the auspicious occasions, the Sundar Kand of Shree Ramcharitmanas is written by Goswami Tulsidasji. Before the start of auspicious work, the recitation of Sunderkand is considered to be a special significance. There is more problems in a person's life, no work being done, or lack of self confidence or any other problem, the text of Sundarakand starts getting auspicious results.

Benefit of Recite Sunderkand Paath

It is believed that Hanuman is pleased with the text of Sundarakand. In the text of Sundarakand, the grace of Bajrangbali is received very soon. Those who regularly recite Sunderkand, all their miseries are gone. That is why Sunderkand is remembered for the success of Hanumanji. Sunderkand is the only chapter which is the victory of Lord Hanuman of Lord Ram. This is a lesson to boost self-confidence and will. The person gets mental strength from the text of Sundarakand, he gets confidence to complete any task. Lord Hanuman Puja has been considered to be complete to fulfill all the wishes. Bajrangbali is a very happy God, many ways have been described in the scriptures to get his grace, and one of these measures is to recite Sundarkanda. Sunderkand is recited to please Hanumanji soon and the happiness of the person who follows this lesson starts communicating happiness.

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