How to worship Lord Sun to impress your boss

How to worship Lord Sun to impress your boss

Planet Sun/ Surya: 

Sun is the centre of the Solar system and is the representative of the ego and body of the individual and the source of energy in the universe it’s placement, in the charts determines the energy levels. Sun is the signifier of Atma-Self, masculine quality, and future, physical body- Heart and mind at the same it signifies vitality will power etc, it brings glory, inculcates creativity and leadership. According to the Hindu myths and is called the soul of the universe and its light is representative of the knowledge, that leads our way through life. It is believed that the 10th house in the horoscope is the directional strength of the sun, and the gemstone for the sun is Ruby or Red Garnet. Its element is Gold and east is represented by Surya.

Benefits of Offering Water every morning:

Since the sun is the centre of the universe it is an important source of energy to the world and hence offering water will give it a boost. Here are benefits of the same:

(1) It is believed that if we offer water to the sun in the wee hours of the, provides the doer with positive energy and enables in making the day better.
(2) The activity of offering water enables n maintain discipline and at the same time, it also helps in making mind body and soul balance. 
(3) Chanting of Surya mantra with offering water brings the pleasures of Health wealth and prosperity. 
(4) Wear clean clothes and in a copper container take some water, put red flower and some Akshath in it offer this vessel water to sun, this will make you a leader and will enable in pleasing the Sun God, red is the color of sun so offering red flower will mean that you are trying to impart the sun’s behavior in our lives. 
(5) It brings Mental, physical and practical survival that helps in overcoming all enemies and hurdles.
(6) It makes you fearless and heroic, makes one master and leader with effective intelligence and beautiful voice. 
(7) If we regularly water the sun, it will remove ego anger and ill desires from the mind of the doer. Along with evil thought from the person’s mind. 

The Story behind offering water to Sun:

According to myths and legend once there was a demon named Mandehas, who with his penance impressed Lord Brahma and he gave him his desired boon. The boon that the demon asked was the power to defeat Surya. Being of demonic tendencies, he loved darkness, so because of the boon, he did not let the sun rise. As a result, of the same the life on earth became impossible. So Lord Brahma came to the rescue and asked the Brahmins to offer water along with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra, this lead to the creation of a powerful weapon which defeated the demonic forces. Hence the demon was not able to harm sun and the natural process of setting of sun and rising of a moon was restored.

Lal Kitab Remedies for promotion in Career: 

There is no substitute for hard work, but sometimes even while putting hard work and doing everything right we do not get success, so here are some remedies that will help you get the desired promotion in your job or career. 

(1) It is advised that every Thursday, offer banana to a cow, this will increase the job prospects in your work front and also increase the chances of promotion. 
(2) On any given Monday offer Ganga Jal or pure water along with a Gomti chakra that is 21 times abhimantarit. 
(3) Offer 7 bowls of cereal to the birds, these 7 bowls of cereal are Whole Green Gram or Sabut Moong or Whole Moon Daal, Wheat, Kaale Chane, Barley or Jau, Rice, Bajra and Sabut Urad or Kali Daal.
(4) Feed handicap or poor people.
(5) Chant the Surya mantra or you can also chant the Shiva mantra.

To get the desired result in your career and Finance. You can perform Lord Surya (Sun) Puja by our well-versed purohit on the auspicious mahurat. You can book now. 


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