5 benefits to do Shiva Puja

5 benefits to do Shiva Puja

Lord Shiva is the part of Trinity In Indian mythology. He is known to be the destroyer. The destroyer of bad and ill effects and he marks the end of everything that is mortal on this earth. It is believed that he is the unchanging consciousness in each and every human, his consort Parvati is Shakti and the power that resides in the mind of Humans. 

Benefits, to do Shiv Puja:

(1) Doing this puja will appease Lord Shiva, and he will protect his devotees from the negative influence of Shani. 

(2)This puja will help in enhancing the overall health of the doer and their family, at the same time keeps away from all sorts of illness. 

(3)This puja will enable you to concentrate more and will enable to become more ambitious and achieve your target. 

(4)The biggest benefit of performing this puja is to get Moksha afterlife or freedom from the cycle of rebirth.

(5)This puja helps in removing all the hurdles in life so that you can lead your life with ease and comfort. 

Procedure to Do Shiv Puja:  Followings are the methods if adopted will make your puja even more successful.

(1) Devotees are advised to fast the entire day of the Puja.

(2) It is necessary that one start their day with a clean body, mind, and soul. So before puja just take a bath and clean yourself.

(3) Chanting of the mantras like Shiv beej Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, along with the puja and homam is advised.

(4) While doing the Puja it is advised that wash the Shivlinga or Shiv Idol with Panchamrut, sit in the invocation posture, where hands and palms are folded together and head bowed down. 

(5) It is advised that the puja should be done during the Pradosham Kaal, which falls on the 13th day, both in Shukla and Krishna Paksha 

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