Durga Homam - To eliminate negative forces in life

Goddess Durga is a formidable form of power and is called an embodiment of Parvathi which protects people from potential threats and risks. To maintain peace in the universe, she also plays a key role in removing the evil forces. Durga is known for its formidable form and helps in eliminating negative power to lead a life free from trouble. By organizing Durga Homam, the person can get many benefits by performing this homam with all specifications.

Why worship Maa Durga?

According to the ancient Vedic texts, Durga is considered as the supreme deity who fulfills the desires of her devotees whenever they face problems in life. His worship and prayer will have many benefits.

Durga Homam is suitable for those who want to overcome physical and mental problems in an effective way.

It creates possible ways to overcome obstacles to achieve success in every endeavor of life.

This Homam provides a great way to get relief from bad influences and dark magic problems.

Anyone who wants to reduce karmic problems and doshas can choose this homam to get better prospects.

Benefits of performing Maa Durga Homam

Durga Homam gives methods to ensure the level of progress in spiritual life. This Homam can help to control financial problems in life. Apart from this, it helps to reduce the malefic effect of planets in the horoscope to live a better life. Homam also creates possible ways to live a healthy and prosperous life.


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