Do this in Navratri, worship the Goddess Durga! Things to keep in mind in Navratri

Navratri comes four times in a year, from which two occasions come Gupt Navratri, those who want to worship Shakti at the time of Gupta Navaratri, they choose this time. The remaining 2 Navaratri is celebrated as a festival in every house throughout India. Today, we are going to give you information about certain special things related to Maa Durga Puja in Navaratri.

At the time of Navratri, along with Mother Durga, the seekers who worship Bhairav and Hanuman ji or even their devoted people also get special results. Even though in this full-fledged life, giving time for worship is difficult for everyone, but in the days of Navratri, the worship of all the mothers are done by their reverence. So let us know what things should be kept in the worship of Mother during Navratri. 

Things to keep in mind During Navratri: -

In the days of Navratri, keep your house completely clean.

During this festival, one should follow Brahmacharya completely and devotee must be especially careful about cleanliness.

In the days of Navratri, any beggar or animal, etc. that came on the door of your house, should be offered something.

Devotees should purify mind, thoughts, and actions in these days.

Maa Durga Puja Method in Navratri: -

Place a statue of a goddess Durga by setting up a red cloth in its base. Put a little rice in a bowl and wrap the red thread on a nutshell in it to establish Ganesh ji. Fill the water in a clay clove in the north angle (north and east direction) and wrap a red cord on a coconut and keep it tied with red thread. Now, light a ghee lamp on the ground in front of the photograph of Mata Durga and simultaneously add the incense.

Now you sit in front of the front seat and take a little water in the right hand: - O God, I (your name speaks) the Gotra (say your clan), fulfilling your work, worshiping Goddess Durga, in my work Give me success. Leave the water of the hand saying that on the ground.

Now, firstly, Ganeshji should be placed a tilak to Kumkumon his forehead, then tilak Mata Durga and impose intemperately, then tilak the water Varna (Varuna Dev) and offer it in an unselfish way. Similarly, you should offer floral gifts to all the Gods and offer dessert, etc.

Now with your eyes closed and meditating with MaaDurga, for some time, chant your mind with this mantra: "Om Dung Durgayai Namah".

Navratri Maa Durga Sadhana: -

During this holy festival of Navratri, you can practice the mantra by chanting more and more mantras. Choose a certain time both the morning and the evening. Now at this time, according to the method given above, start chanting mantra with a resolution. The mantra is as follows: "Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche". Chant this mantra, multiple times.

After chanting the mantra, take a little water in the right hand, and say in this manner: O my God, I have chanted the mantra which I have chanted; I dedicate it to Shri Brahma for the fulfillment of my work. Let's say that the water of the hand is left on the ground. Do the mantra of the Navratri for the entire 9 days. Whatever you do, chanting mantra by doing this will definitely happen. The havan should be organized on the last day and more offerings should be given to Maa Durga Mantra in Havan.


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