Benefits of Wearing a silver ring

Benefits of Wearing a silver ring

The silver metal is considered as sattvik and soft. Although silver is less in gold than original but in properties it is more than gold. By wearing silver, the blessings of Chandra Dev and Venus Guru are bestowed. Silver and gold ornaments are usually worn by women and men to refine their beauty. According to astrology, it is auspicious to wear silver ornaments and in the house happiness is a symbol of prosperity. Typically silver metal is worn in the form of ring. According to astrology, if the silver ring is held according to the law, its effect increases manifold.

Method of holding silver ring: 
On Thursday night, let the new ring of silver be soaked in water, next morning put a red cloth in front of the photo of Lord Vishnu and keep the ring on it. Now worship Lord Vishnu duly. Now wear this ring in the smallest finger of your right hand.

Advantages of wearing a silver ring

Silver gives coolness to the body. Therefore it is beneficial to wear silver metal to calm the heat in the stomach.

The person who is weak in the horoscope of the moon, must bear a silver ring, hence the blessings of Chandra Dev is obtained.

By wearing silver, the face improves. The facial scars of the face begin to disappear gradually.

Those who do not keep their mind relaxed, who have mental stress, they should also wear the ring of silver.

The silver, the giant to the demons is beloved to Shukracharya. By holding this, the blessing of Venus is received and the person is filled with happiness and prosperity.

According to Ayurveda, due to all diseases, the balance in vata, bile and cough is deteriorating. 

Silver is a very versatile metal which is considered to be very good for the human body. Silver is also used in Ayurveda to make many medicines. Wearing the silver does cure the faults in eyesight. Babies are exposed to the negative energy very soon, so they should wear silver metal after hardening.

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