Benefits Of daily Aarties

Benefits Of daily Aarties

Aarti- Definition:
Aarti is the Hindu rituals that are performed to express the love and gratitude towards God, an aarti typically consists of small flame on a wick that is placed on a plate then this plate is rotated in front of the deity. It finds its roots in the Sanskrit word- Aratrika, referring to the light removing darkness or ratri. It is said that the aarti is performed since the Vedic period, and normally done after the completion of puja or havan ritual in south India, and after a Bhajan kirtan in North India. It is believed that the aarti was mainly performed to illuminate the sanctum of deity so that the devotees could have the darshan or viewing of the God. 

Important aspects of Aarti

The important aspects of aarti are:
(1) Light the lamp or Diya: in front of the deity, because fire has the ability to purify us from inside and outside. 
(2) Blow Conch: blowing conch during aarti or puja will create an aura, that is full of divinity and invoke God. 
(3) Self Cleaning: Make sure that you have cleansed yourself, before performing the aarti. Wear clean clothes; also keep a pure and clean mind and thoughts while performing aarti. 
(4) Offer leaves and Flowers: While doing the aarti, offer varied flowers and leaves of Peepal and mango trees, because mango leaves have a long life span and it does not get rotten easily. 
(5) Bowing down: Bowing your head in reverence is also necessary. It shows the dedication and devotion of devotees during performing of aarti. 

Offerings made during aarti:

The offerings that are made during an aarti consist of 5 elements such as: 
(1) Earth: the element earth in aarti is represented by offering Flowers. 
(2) Water: the element of water is represented by water itself
(3) Fire: The element of Fire is represented by the ghee lamp or diya. 
(4) Air: the element of air is represented by the smell of Camphor or the oil used. 
(5) Ether/ space: the ether is represented by the chiming bells.
(6) Ego: the representative of the ego is in bowing down to the deity. 

The following are benefits of performing Aarti: 
1. The daily Aarties help in removing all the obstacles in life. 
2. The regular aarti will enhance your health and bring peace of mind. 
3. The Aarties protects from bad luck and gives us the courage to face difficulties in life.
4. Bless you, with boons, for example, if performing aarti of Goddess; you will get the boon of financial gains. 
5. The Aarties takes you closer to your God, and enable in attaining Moksha. 

To improve your situation, remove the obstacles and get the positivity in your life. You can perform the daily Aarties by our well-versed purohit on the auspicious dates. 


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