Bhaiya Dooj

Bhaiya Dooj

Bhaiya Dooj – Brothers and Sister Rituals

Bhaiya Dooj is a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and affection between a brother and a sister. Bhaiya Dooj is also known as Bhai Dooj, Bhai Tika, and Bhau-Beej etc. On this day Sisters pray for their brother to have happy and long lives by performing Tika ceremony and brothers offer gifts to their sisters.

Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Legends and Myths

Bhaiya Dooj is also called "Yama dwiteeya" as it is believed that on this day, Yamaraj (Lord of Death) visit his sister, who put the auspicious mark on his forehead and prays for his well-being.

Another version of Lord Krishna, after killing of Naraksur (The Demon King), went to meet his sister Subhadra. Subhadra welcomed him by showing him a light and putting on his forehead a tilak of her sisterly protection.

Since then, Women have been reversed during Bhai Dooj.

Significance of Bhaiya Dooj

The festival brings a lot of affection, happiness and warmth between the relationship of brother and sister. The festival is a way to present the care and love of brothers and sisters to each other. Putting a propitious tilak of a vermilion paste on are placed at the brothers forehead and doing aarti by diya. It is the symbol of love and affection.

Wish you very happy Bhaiya Dooj 

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