Lord Ganesha Story

Lord Ganesha Story

Lord Ganesha Story - An Elephant Head

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. His birth and transformation are part of an interesting story.

One day when Lord Shiva was away. Maa Parvati created Lord Ganesha out of the dirt she collected from her body.

Before going for a bath, she asked Ganesha to guard the entrance of her door and not allow anyone to enter. When Lord Shiva entered home, he was surprised to find a young boy at the door. When the boy refused to let him in, an enraged shiva, which naturally didn’t recognize his son, beheaded Ganesha and proceeded indoors to meet his wife.

When Goddess Parvati came to know about that she was grief-stricken and ordered shiva to find the head of the sons. Since it was an elephant that shiva spotted first, Ganesha ended up with an elephant head.

The Story of the Lord Ganesha tell us that he believed in duty and righteousness. He lost his human head while fulfilling his duties as a son.

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